Own logistic

Storage and marketing under our own management

The objective of cool-storage is life-time extension of fruit as well as conservation of fruit quality. Therefore we only store our fruits in so-called ULO-cold stores. ULO (ultra-low-oxygen) storage is defined as storage in an atmosphere with little oxygen content. In our “hermetically” sealed warehouses the oxygen concentration decreases due to consumption of oxygen by the respiration process of the fruits to about 1%; the content of CO2 increases at the same time to about 1,5%. Thereby the fruits fall into a form of hibernation. The humidity of the air is maintained constantly at about 92%, so that only minimal desiccation of the fruits occurs. Contrary to ordinary cold storage, during which the temperature is also lowered to 1 - 4 degrees centigrade, in ULO cold stores the apples can be stored considerably longer. Varieties such as Elstar or Jonagold can be stored in good quality until summer of the next year.

After the client-specific packaging of the fruits they are made available in FIFO (First in First out) high shelves.