Fruit Growing

Fruit from the Ancient Lands

... ripened in maritime climate

For more than 600 years, pome-, stone-, and soft fruits have been cultivated on the nutrient-rich soils of the glacial river system of the river Elbe. Perfect fruits grow on the alluvial soils in combination with the maritime climate. Here in the largest enclosed apple-growing area of Europe we cultivate apples on 200 hectares. They rightly bear the quality seal “Obst aus dem Alten Land”, “Fruit from the Ancient Lands”. This seal stands for uncontaminated fruit, which is grown environmentally friendly.

Environmental protection is written in capital letters in our company

We make sure that the natural areas remain in their biodiversity. For this purpose the following measures are taken by our company:

For this purpose the following measures are taken by our company:Lure-traps, manual sampling of rotting-wood, and regular checks of egg-deposition are used to control development of beneficial organisms as well as pest population.

Sufficient distance to water moat and ditches.

Construction of:
Woodpiles and piles of stones for martens
Perches for birds of prey
Housing for falcons
Bee hotels
Shallow water areas for amphibians
Nesting aids for singing birds
Flower strips throughout the year for the feeding of wild insects
Solitary trees like oak, ash, birch, and willow.